Young Investigators Honored by AFSOR

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Young Investigators Honored by AFSORVikas Tomar, assistant professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, and Huili (Grace) Xing, assistant professor of electrical engineering, were selected by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR) as part of the 2008 Young Investigator Program (YIP). The program is open only to engineers and scientists at U.S. research institutions who have received a doctoral degree within the last five years and show “exceptional ability and promise for conducting basic research.” YIP honorees for 2008 will share approximately $12.1 million for their research efforts as outlined in their winning proposals. Competition for the range of areas, including aerospace, chemical and materials sciences, physics and electronics, mathematics, information technologies, and life sciences.

Tomar, who joined the University in 2006, is investigating nanoscale thermal conduction and mechanical strength correlation in high temperature ceramics as part of his efforts in the YIP. It coincides well with his work in Notre Dame’s Multiphysics Laboratory, where he is studying advanced ceramic matrix composites for use in energy plants.

Xing’s YIP focuses on the quantum limits of nitride RF high-electron mobility transistors. Through experimental and theoretical approaches, she is investigating the physical origins of the upper limit of speed and power-handling capabilities in gallium-nitride based semiconductor transistors.

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